A Message from the Scout Master

DID YOU KNOW…That Grace Baptist Church was the Chartering Organization for Boy Scout Troop 316 (which takes its Troop number from John 3:16) that meets every Tuesday evening in room D220 from 7:00-8:15pm.  Special Note, during the summer months (June through August) we meet in the Church Amphitheatre.

Come and visit our Troop any Tuesday or give Randy Howard, Scoutmaster (661-296-2456) or Robert Clarke, Troop Committee Chairman (661-839-4105) a call to learn more about our Troop and the Scouting adventure.

To learning more about Scouting and our Troop, send an email to raclarke@ca.rr.com.  After receiving your email, we will send you two documents about our Troop - "Why Scouting and Why Troop 316?" AND the "New Family Welcome Pack".




Film showcases the power of Scouting but doesn’t sugarcoat it


It especially doesn’t resonate with those parents in America’s inner cities who desperately want a way to steer their children away from violence and crime.

That’s why anyone considering Scouting needs to see Troop 491: The Adventures of the Muddy Lions.

It’s available on DVD this month.

The film from Praphetic Praductions is a work of fiction, but the premise is all too real:

A middle-schooler named Tristan lives in the inner city. His mom, wanting to keep him off the streets, signs him up for Scouting. Soon after, Tristan witnesses a murder, and the local thug demands his silence. He’s left with the choice between Scouting’s values and the code of the streets. He learns, with the help of his Scout friends, that doing the right thing isn’t easy.

Watch the trailer below, and you’ll want to see this powerful film that encapsulates the power of Scouting but does so in a way that’s gritty and avoids sentimentalism. Learn more and pre-order the DVD at the film’s official website.

The Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch, in its writeup about the movie, reveals that the film’s writer and director grew up in Scouting in Richmond. He “attributes much of his core values to the time he spent with his troop: leadership, achieving goals and helping others,” according to the story.

The Boy Scouts “is a counter to gang culture,” Patrick Ricks told the newspaper. “The acute need for it is still there.”

I should warn you that there is some strong language in the film — not unlike what actual Scout-age children would hear on the streets. I’d encourage you to watch it yourself before screening it for older Scouts.


How the BSA is using Troop 491

The Boy Scouts of America is harnessing the power of Troop 491 to recruit chartered organizations into Scouting.

As this Scout Wire post explains, the BSA is developing campaign materials for councils to use Troop 491 to help “start conversations with churches about organizing a Cub Scout pack or Boy Scout troop as part of their ministry to youth.”

Expect to see that campaign early next year.

In the meantime, watch the trailer below and order the DVD here.

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Getting ready for the Holidays, and more!

Did you know Boy’s Life magazine started publishing in 1911? Pretty incredible record of bringing great content to young men all over the USA! In the November 2014 edition you will find a holiday themed magazine that features ways your Pack or Troop can volunteer to help the less fortunate – doing a good turn is the Scout motto! It’s a lot of work but very fulfilling. There are also articles on new toys, gadgets, electronics and games available for the holiday season and actually ways to win some of them! There is an article on how to cook holiday dinner for the family and how difficult it actually is to plan and execute a huge dinner. Maybe many of you can jump in to the kitchen this winter and help! For the Boy Scouts, keep Cooking Merit Badge in mind as some of this cooking might count if actively working with a counselor. There is also information on the newest in cameras and a how-to-build plan for a wooden display table. The Boy Scout edition also features some details on interesting merit badges and a story on an Eagle Scout that visited Antarctica.
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